Thursday, 15 March 2012

There is Another!

I was already aware of this before starting my blog, but would you believe that somebody else is already doing the exact same thing that I planned to do, and has a blog all about it?! Alex Aris’s All Things Mastertronic details his attempts to complete a collection of all Mastertronic releases for the C64, and he’s now fairly close to completing his task.

I must admit I was a little surprised and disappointed to find that somebody had already had the same idea as me. I even considered switching to a collection of Codemasters games instead, only to find that Alex has started doing that too!

In the end I spent a few days thinking about it and decided that I could take a different approach by documenting each game in a YouTube video. Also, because Alex is so far down the line we’re unlikely to be in direct competition for many games and in fact if I find anything that he’s desperate for then at this point I’ll happily pass it over to him to help him complete his collection.

What started out as a minor disappointment has now turned into inspiration as Alex’s efforts give me a stronger belief that it is possible to accumulate a collection of all the games.

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