Saturday, 24 March 2012

Collection Update – Starship Delivers The Goods!

If you thought the last update was big, this one’s even bigger…

The video goes into more detail, so to keep it brief, this batch came from Retro Gamer forum member StarshipUK and basically features 36 new games for a derived cost of 62p each. As you’ll see from the photos some of the boxes are going to need replacing as they are in poor shape or covered in stickers, but there’s no denying this is another bargain bundle.

The majority of titles are on the main Mastertronic brand but there are offerings from all the other variants as well, with some of the rarer games included. There’s not really much more to say other than a big thanks to StarshipUK and here’s a full list of all those games:

1985: The Day After, Agent X II, Bionic Granny/Jungle Story, BMX Racers, BMX Trials, Chiller, Dark Star, Duck Shoot, The Election Game, Excaliba, Hyperbowl, Kane, Kane 2, Kikstart, Milk Race, One Man and His Droid, Orbitron, Sailing, Se-Kaa of Assiah, Skyjet, Speed King, Starforce Nova, Storm, Zzzzz

Mastertronic Plus
Rescue on Fractalus and Tetris

Con-Quest, Raw Recruit, Sport of Kings and Voidrunner

Crazy Comets, Eddie Kidd Jump Challenge, Hacker, Tau Ceti and X-15 Alpha Mission

Entertainment USA
Los Angeles S.W.A.T.

In addition to that massive bundle, another small packet arrived with four games purchased from Ebay – they were 75p each plus an incredibly specific £1.46 for postage.

This lot consisted of Finders Keepers, The Last V8, Speed Zone and City Fighter. I’m now edging close to 100 games in total!

Total Games: 97
Average Cost: £0.80


  1. Great stuff, Mat ! Keep on going, the collection will be complete before you know it ! ;)

  2. Most of the stickers can be removed with the careful application of lighter fluid ( a favourite for un-gumming dot matrix printers at our research establishment in the early 90s). However, nice haul there.