Thursday, 26 July 2012

Game Review – Dynamix (1989)

Ever want to play a game featuring a kinetic activator? No, me neither, but now I have, and Dynamix is it!

Collection Update – Edging Closer!

My latest acquisitions from Ebay add another five games to the collection...

One bundle consisted of three relatively hard to find games that worked out at £2.00 each – Alcazar (Mastertronic), Octoplex (M.A.D.) and Psycho Hopper (Mastertronic Plus). A good haul for the price!

The other two games in this update were individual purchases. Actually one of them isn’t a game at all - Make Music with Mistertronic was a relatively early release and has unique white grid-style packaging. Finally for this update is the last of the Mastertronic Plus games in the yellow packaging, Super Stock Car.

I now have just 15 titles left to collect, which are as follows:

Ballblazer (Ricochet)
Barry Mcguigan's Boxing (Mastertronic Plus)
Die! Alien Slime (Mastertronic Plus)
The Eidolon (Ricochet)
Five-a-side Soccer (M.A.D.)
Frenesis (Mastertronic)
How to be a Complete Bastard (Ricochet)
Kentilla (Mastertronic)
Leviathan (Mastertronic Plus)
Pigs in Space (Mastertronic)
Shogun (Mastertronic)
Ski Writer (Mastertronic)
Starforce Fighter (Mastertronic)
Trailblazer (Ricochet)
UCM: Ultimate Combat Mission (M.A.D.)

If you can assist with any of these please let me know!

Total games: 196
Average cost: £1.15

Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Month 3 in Review

Well it’s actually month 3 and a bit really, but I thought after a quiet June it would be better to baseline each month of collecting as an actual month.

The majority of games reviewed this month have been rather mediocre, with nothing exceptionally good or bad for the most part. Consequently there are just a couple of new entries in my top ten and the bottom five is unchanged from last month.

Nothing else of note really happened during June either but hopefully now holidays and events are out of the way for a while, things may get a bit more interesting…

Top Ten

 1. Ghostbusters (Ricochet, 1988)
 2. Street Surfer (Entertainment USA, 1986)
 3. Kikstart (Mastertronic, 1985)
 4. Rock n' Bolt (Ricochet, 1988)
 5. Bomb Fusion (Mastertronic, 1989)
 6. Toy Bizarre (Ricochet, 1989)  **NEW ENTRY**
 7. Rescue on Fractalus (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)
 8. Gemini Wing (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)
 9. Kane (Mastertronic, 1985)
10. Tetris (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)  **NEW ENTRY**

Bottom Five (In reverse order, worst at the bottom)

5. Speed Zone (Mastertronic, 1989)
4. Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (Ricochet, 1987)
3. Double Dragon (Mastertronic Plus, 1990)
2. FA Cup Football (Ricochet, 1988)
1. Sport of Kings (M.A.D., 1987)

One thing I am noticing is that a large proportion of the games in both ‘charts’ are re-releases of full price games, so from next month (once I’ve got more reviews under my belt) I’m going to do separate charts for original and re-released titles.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Game Review – Skyjet (1985)

Not a bad game this, but the instructions were woefully inadequate. Luckily I found an old ZZAP review that explained what to do!