Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Collection Update – Monster Ebay Bundle!

The Ebay seller Rockrabilia is one that I’ve bought quite a few games from over the years. Whilst browsing the almost endless C64 Ebay listings last week I happened upon a bundle of 33 games for a Buy It Now price of £19.49 including postage. Closer inspection revealed that 23 of the games were Mastertronic or Ricochet ones, and amazingly none of them were already in my collection! Needless to say, these were snapped up and arrived the other day...

Discounting the non-Mastertronic titles completely, the average price of the games works out at just under 85p each, and of course I have ten free games as well! A massive boost to the collection and at a great price too. Additionally most of these games are ‘new old stock’ meaning they are in great condition!

Breaking the lot down into chunks, firstly there are four M.A.D. games – Countdown to Meltdown, Energy Warrior, Ice Palace and Rockford.

In the Mastertronic packaging there is Dynamix, Gaplus, Knight Tyme, Majik, Nonterraqueous and Sweep.

On the Mastertronic Plus label is a selection of original and re-released games, including Advanced Basketball Simulator, Gemini Wing, Jonah Barrington’s Squash, Raster-Runner, Sidewinder II, T-Bird and Xenon.

Last but not least come six re-releases on the Ricochet brand – 5th Quadrant, Dan Dare II, Erebus, Growing Pains of Adrian Mole, Knightmare and Rock’n’Bolt.

That takes me comfortably past 50 titles in the collection, so I better get playing some of them!

Total Games: 57
Average Cost: £0.90

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