Sunday, 18 March 2012

Collection Update - First Ebay Purchase

A week ago I won a bundle of 20 Commodore 64 games on Ebay for the opening bid price of 99p, plus £5 postage. That works out at less than 30p a game! I picked up the package yesterday and recorded the opening…

This bundle actually only contains five Mastertronic titles but at the price it went for, I couldn’t resist! Cost-wise I’ve allocated a value of 75p to each Mastertronic game with the remaining 15 games being valued at £2.24 altogether. Some of those will be kept, others sold on or given away, so the cost of the five significant games may be reduced depending what I get for the remainder.

The games in this lot are Bomb Fusion, Formula 1 Simulator, Mindtrap, Shinobi and Night Racer. The latter game is in pretty poor shape – the inlay is a mess with the back cover torn off – so I will look to replace that when the opportunity arises.

So I’ve only been collecting for a matter of days and already I’ve passed the 30 games mark and the average cost still remains lower than a quid!

Total Games: 34
Average Cost: £0.93

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