Friday, 16 March 2012

First Collection Update

Well I’ve got my first batch of new games for the collection courtesy of a couple of deals done on the Retro Gamer forum, so I marked this event by recording my first ever ‘package opening’ YouTube video…

The first bundle consists of ten games from RG forum member Shinobi, and cost me £10 including postage. This is a mixed bag that includes five of the early grid-style packaging releases - Bionic Granny, Hektik, Hollywood or Bust, Space Walk and Spooks!

Also in this batch are a couple of M.A.D. releases from the ‘Magic Knight’ series of games, Spellbound and Stormbringer, plus Legend of the Amazon Women and two re-released games in the form of Camelot Warriors and Double Dragon.

The other package came from RG forum member simes and consists of two games based on classic 80’s toy franchises – Action Force and Transformers. The latter is a re-release of the Activision game. This bundle was a straight trade for two unwanted items from my collection which originally cost me a total of £3.50, so I’m valuing these two games at £1.75 each.

One thing I’ve already noticed is the inconsistency of the packaging for re-released Activision games. For example Ghostbusters comes in the Ricochet packaging, Pastfinder comes on the M.A.D. label and Transformers has the Mastertronic Plus branding. As yet I see no obvious reason for this!
Adding these to the games I already had brings the collection summary up to:

Total Games: 29
Average Cost: £0.96

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  1. Glad to have been of help with Action Force and Transformers. If I get any more spares I'll let you know! I'm picking up a joblot of about 50 C64 games soon and I know there are some duplicate Mastertronic games in there so I'll let you know when I get them!