Wednesday, 14 March 2012

The Story So Far

At the time of writing I have not officially started building my collection, but I do already have some Mastertronic games for the C64 as part of my general games collection:

My collection thus far consists of 17 games, which span all of the different types of branding…

From the early wave of Mastertronic releases with the signature grid-style packaging I have Action Biker, Challenger and Hunter Patrol, while the in the later packaging style there is Video Meanies, P.O.D. and the brilliant Kikstart II. Also under the regular branding is Pipeline 2, which reverts to the grid-style design for some reason despite being a much later release.

In the M.A.D. (Mastertronic Added Dimension) packaging comes a mixed bag, including shooters Kromazone and Motos, action adventures in the form of Flash Gordon and Droids, and a re-release of Activision’s classic Pastfinder.

Also in the collection to date are two classic games re-released on the Ricochet label – Ghostbusters and Way of the Exploding Fist, while on the Entertainment USA brand there is isometric shooter Panther and Street Surfer, which is inexplicably one of my all-time favourite C64 games! Last but not least is split-screen helicopter shooter Protector from the Mastertronic Plus range.

So that’s not a bad starting point, with some of the best games Mastertronic had to offer already in the bag. None of these games cost me more than £2 to purchase and the majority came in a job lot purchase from the Retro Gamer forum a couple of years ago, which means my average price per game at this point is under a quid!

Total Games: 17
Average Cost: £0.85

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