Wednesday, 5 December 2012

November in Review

After a few months of relative inactivity, November saw me getting back on track with 20 new game reviews. This included my ‘Behind Enemy Lines’ mini-series, taking a look at some Mastertronic games release on other systems. I also looked at five different fighting games in my ‘Fists of Fury’ mini-series.

Acquisitions-wise it was a slow month as expected, but I did pick up three more games, one of which I had suspicions didn’t actually exist!

During last months reviews I’ve discovered a few new decent games, most notably Rad Ramp Racer, and some more complete stinkers, including Jungle Story. So my three ‘top ten’ lists have been tweaked again slightly with two new entries in each.

Top Ten Original Mastertronic Games

  1. Street Surfer (Entertainment USA, 1986)
  2. Kikstart (Mastertronic, 1985)
  3. Big Mac: The Mad Maintenance Man (Mastertronic, 1985)
  4. Rad Ramp Racer (Mastertronic Plus, 1990)  **NEW ENTRY**
  5. Bomb Fusion (Mastertronic, 1989)
  6. Kane (Mastertronic, 1985)
  7. Hero of the Golden Talisman (M.A.D., 1985)
  8. Ninja (Entertainment USA, 1986)  **NEW ENTRY**
  9. Mindtrap (Mastertronic, 1989)
10. Night Racer (Mastertronic, 1988)

Top Ten Mastertronic Re-releases

  1. Ghostbusters (Ricochet, 1988)
  2. Rock n' Bolt (Ricochet, 1988)
  3. Rescue on Fractalus (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)
  4. Gemini Wing (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)
  5. Way of the Exploding Fist (Ricochet, 1988)  **NEW ENTRY**
  6. Aliens (Ricochet, 1988)
  7. Toy Bizarre (Ricochet, 1989)
  8. Alcazar (Mastertronic, 1989)  **NEW ENTRY**
  9. Tetris (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)
10. SpeedKing (Mastertronic, 1985)

Bottom Ten Mastertronic Releases (In reverse order, worst at the bottom)

10. Rockford: The Arcade Game (M.A.D., 1988)
  9. Molecule Man (Mastertronic, 1986)  **NEW ENTRY**
  8. Knightmare (Ricochet, 1988)
  7. Speed Zone (Mastertronic, 1989)
  6. Jungle Story (Mastertronic, 1984)  **NEW ENTRY**
  5. Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (Ricochet, 1987)
  4. Double Dragon (Mastertronic Plus, 1990)
  3. FA Cup Football (Ricochet, 1988)
  2. Sport of Kings (M.A.D., 1987)
  1. The Election Game (Mastertronic, 1984)

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