Saturday, 3 November 2012

October in Review

Well, not a lot to say about October as I’ve only just started reviewing games again after my Play Expo distractions. Those that I did review were pretty good though, with the exception of the dire Super Trolley!

So, it must be time for an updated ‘best and worst’ games chart. As mentioned a couple of months back, I’m splitting the original games from the re-releases so I now have two top tens, but am keeping a combined ‘bottom ten’. The most notable addition to these new charts is a brand new worst-ever Mastertronic game!

Top Ten Original Mastertronic Games

  1. Street Surfer (Entertainment USA, 1986)
  2. Kikstart (Mastertronic, 1985)
  3. Big Mac: The Mad Maintenance Man (Mastertronic, 1985)
  4. Bomb Fusion (Mastertronic, 1989)
  5. Kane (Mastertronic, 1985)
  6. Hero of the Golden Talisman (M.A.D., 1985)
  7. Mindtrap (Mastertronic, 1989)
  8. Night Racer (Mastertronic, 1988)
  9. Panther (Entertainment USA, 1986)
10. Protector (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)

Top Ten Mastertronic Re-releases

  1. Ghostbusters (Ricochet, 1988)
  2. Rock n' Bolt (Ricochet, 1988)
  3. Rescue on Fractalus (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)
  4. Gemini Wing (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)
  5. Aliens (Ricochet, 1988)
  6. Toy Bizarre (Ricochet, 1989)
  7. Tetris (Mastertronic Plus, 1989)
  8. Speed King (Mastertronic, 1985)
  9. Brian Jacks Superstar Challenge (Ricochet, 1987)
10. Erebus (Ricochet, 1988)

Bottom Ten Mastertronic Releases (In reverse order, worst at the bottom)

10. Super Trolley (Mastertronic, 1988)
  9. Munch Mania (Mastertronic, 1984)
  8. Rockford: The Arcade Game (M.A.D., 1988)
  7. Knightmare (Ricochet, 1988)
  6. Speed Zone (Mastertronic, 1989)
  5. Growing Pains of Adrian Mole (Ricochet, 1987)
  4. Double Dragon (Mastertronic Plus, 1990)
  3. FA Cup Football (Ricochet, 1988)
  2. Sport of Kings (M.A.D., 1987)
  1. The Election Game (Mastertronic, 1984)

I’m hoping to ramp up the frequency of reviews again over the coming weeks, so expect to see new additions to all the charts in a month’s time!

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