Thursday, 26 July 2012

Collection Update – Edging Closer!

My latest acquisitions from Ebay add another five games to the collection...

One bundle consisted of three relatively hard to find games that worked out at £2.00 each – Alcazar (Mastertronic), Octoplex (M.A.D.) and Psycho Hopper (Mastertronic Plus). A good haul for the price!

The other two games in this update were individual purchases. Actually one of them isn’t a game at all - Make Music with Mistertronic was a relatively early release and has unique white grid-style packaging. Finally for this update is the last of the Mastertronic Plus games in the yellow packaging, Super Stock Car.

I now have just 15 titles left to collect, which are as follows:

Ballblazer (Ricochet)
Barry Mcguigan's Boxing (Mastertronic Plus)
Die! Alien Slime (Mastertronic Plus)
The Eidolon (Ricochet)
Five-a-side Soccer (M.A.D.)
Frenesis (Mastertronic)
How to be a Complete Bastard (Ricochet)
Kentilla (Mastertronic)
Leviathan (Mastertronic Plus)
Pigs in Space (Mastertronic)
Shogun (Mastertronic)
Ski Writer (Mastertronic)
Starforce Fighter (Mastertronic)
Trailblazer (Ricochet)
UCM: Ultimate Combat Mission (M.A.D.)

If you can assist with any of these please let me know!

Total games: 196
Average cost: £1.15

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