Thursday, 14 June 2012

Collection Update – 180!

Yes, it’s 180 in more ways than one with my latest update…

Firstly, and most significantly, my latest batch of games brings my total to 180 Mastertronic titles, meaning there are less than 40 left to complete my collection.

Secondly, one of the games in this batch is the darts simulation 180 in the M.A.D. packaging, donated by my good friend and Retro Gamer forum stalwart SirClive. This is an extra special version of the game as the packaging has been signed by one of the developers, Ste Pickford!

The remainder of this batch consists of more Ebay purchases. First up are three of the rarer offerings – Rugby Manager (Mastertronic Plus), Geoff Capes Strongman (Ricochet) and Pulsoids (Mastertronic) – I’ve only seen these once or twice on Ebay so they are certainly welcome additions!

The rest of this batch are far more common and all cost less than a quid each. From the M.A.D. range comes Strike, and in second-wave Mastertronic packaging I have Master Chess, S.O.S. and Rasterscan.

That’s it for this update but more games have been purchased so expect another one very soon...

Total games: 180
Average cost: £1.03

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